Other teams fans envy our teams players. Other teams players envy our teams fans.


10 thoughts on “Other teams fans envy our teams players. Other teams players envy our teams fans.”

  1. i would love to kiss your 1 cute ring but I’m too busy cleaning off my 3 Super Bowl rings, Stanley Cup, 2 World Series, and a NBA Finals trophy. Too bad you live in Seattle and nobody wants to have professional teams there. Nice 3-3 record soon to be 3-4 and 3rd place in the NFC west. Just the typical 1 and done in sports. Can’t wait til we never have to listen to seahawks bandwagon fans anymore after this year. I just hope you guys don’t hop on the Dallas bandwagon

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    1. Tell me sweetheart, when was the last time your team even won a Super Bowl? You were probably not even alive for it. Give me a break nobody cares about your World Series titles because, last time I checked, this was a football website. Don’t be mad just cause the hawks stomped you guys in the NFC champ game last year. Hurts doesn’t it. Kiss the ring sweetie!


    1. Let me correct you sandy. It should be “our three rings that we used cheating to get”. Exactly how many rings have you win since you were caught cheating? That’s how many you will ever win because the hawks are gonna stomp you in two weeks. Typical delusional pats fan.


    1. That’s fine but you still ignore the fact that your team cheated. Our defense is a lot better than yours. Good luck stopping Lynch. Blount is a flower compared to beast mode. You guys can’t match our physicality. All we have to do is shut down gronk and you are done. Those 5 yard Brady passes won’t work against us.


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